London Energy Club | How to overcome the impasse in the Eastern Mediterranean Energy Landscape, 23 January 2020
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How to overcome the impasse in the Eastern Mediterranean Energy Landscape, 23 January 2020

11:25 29 September in EVENTS

January Meeting with Dr Harry Tzimitras, Director, PRIO

The London Energy Club met on 23 January 2020 to discuss the current major issue of the impasse in the Eastern Mediterranean Energy Landscape

This summary of the discussions and recommendations has been issued under the Co-Chairs’ responsibility in order to generate further momentum for positive and inclusive actions among the Eastern Mediterranean countries.

The Eastern Mediterranean is not a global game-changer in its own right. This new natural gas province should be seen in the broader context of global gas dynamics and the supply–demand outlook of the EU and Asia, which seem to be the largest potential markets.

Geopolitical disputes, particularly around the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) and proposed pipelines, pitting Turkey against the other littoral states of Egypt, Greece, Israel and Cyprus, constitute only one of the hurdles confronting the development of energy riches in the region.

We are grateful to the following speakers who initiated the discussions: 
  • Zafer Ateş Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Director General for Energy and Multilateral Transport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey
  • Dr Charles Ellinas CEO, Cyprus Natural Hydrocarbons Company Ltd
  • John M. Roberts Senior Fellow, The Atlantic Council

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