London Energy Club | Julian Popov
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Julian Popov

Former Minister of Environment, Bulgaria

Julian Popov, 
Former Minister of Environment, Bulgaria


As part of this role, he established a network of senior climate campaigners in eight new EU Member States, headed a project aimed at coaching editors of leading media on climate policy as well as a project seeking to raise policymakers’ attention to health and security implications of climate change.


Julian currently leads the South East Europe Grid Initiative which catalyses high level energy policy cooperation among countries in wider South East Europe, including Turkey and the Western Balkans.


Julian is a former Minister of Environment of Bulgaria, the founding CEO and current Board Member of the New Bulgarian University, the former Chairman and current Board Member of the Bulgarian School of Politics and the co-founder of the Tunisian School of Politics.


In 2014, he was appointed  as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe. He is Member of the Advisory Board of GridTech, Member of the Advisory Board of BETTER Project, Founding Member of the Governing Board of Sofia Platform, Member of the Steering Committee of Grantmakers East Forum and Honorary Treasurer and Director of the UK charity Friends of Bulgaria.


Julian is the author of two books and writes regularly on current affairs and climate and energy policy.

Former Minister of Environment - Bulgaria