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Sanford G. Henry

Managing Director, Asset Solutions, UK

Sanford G. Henry, Managing Director, Asset Solutions, UK


Sanford Henry has been involved in international finance and fund management for over 40 years. He is a Partner of Global Resources Partnership and Managing Director of Asset Solutions. He advises companies and family offices on fund management, selection and investments, as well as provides corporate strategy, acquisitions and fund due diligence.


He is a Senior Advisor to Strategic Thinker, Dr.Schwarz-Schilling & Partners, City & Westminster and MEC International, and is a Partner of the Bosphorus Institute. He is a member of Chatham House and Visiting Fellow at British American Business.


He has worked in the international funds business investing and fund raising in private equity, corporate venturing, mutual and government sponsored funds. He most recently advised the AMP Global Infrastructure Fund, second closing with $800 million this year.


He has been Managing Director at Edmond de Rothschild foralternative funds, including acquisition of asset portfolios, advised $1.0 billion Russia Partners-Siguler Guff on investments, Deputy President of the $6.0 billion Polish Mass Privatization Funds (513 companies) with Lazard, Managing Director of the U.S. Government $400 million SEED Act Enterprise Funds, Managing Director of Lazard Ventures, founder of Lazard Medical Fund and U.S. Leasing International’s REIT fund as Vice President for Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia.


Sandford has alsoworked for other international companies including Ford Motor Company.He has been a member of UK Financial Conduct Authority since it began in1986, The Securities Institute and a Board Director of well over twenty companies.


Sanford is both a US & UK Citizen, lives in London and was educated in the United States, Switzerland and Germany.


Managing Director Asset Solutions, UK